3 Natural Supplements That Help Fight Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are quite prevalent in the US and affect approximately 18% of the population. If you struggle with an anxiety disorder, there's a good chance that the symptoms interfere with your life and prevent you from performing well. While there are many different behavioral conditioning therapies and medications you can take to relieve your anxiety, you can also try taking the following 3 natural supplements to calm your nerves.

Using Caffeine Powder: Safety Rules

Caffeine powder is available as a supplement, and many people use it to create their own stay-awake formulas. However, it's a supplement that has to be used consciously and carefully. There are ways to do this, but you'll need to look at how you're using the powder and what you're using to measure it. Don't Inhale It This is actually something people have tried to do, supposedly to get a rush from the substance.

Coffee 101: A Basic Primer On How Coffee Is Produced

Coffee is arguably the world's most popular drink. But as beloved as this beverage is, most people don't know much about how the coffee plant is grown and processed. Here is a brief breakdown of the four steps required to produce your morning cup of java. Seedlings An unprocessed coffee bean is actually a seed. Life begins with a seed being planted at a coffee nursery, with care being taken to make sure it is protected from too much sunlight.

Not The Same: The Differences Between Squab, Rock Cornish And Poussin Meats

There are many birds that are raised and slaughtered for food. Of those, people tend to confuse squab, Rock Cornish birds and poussin chicken most often. In the U.S., those not in the know about how these three birds differ will use the terms interchangeably, and thus be surprised when they receive a dish they did not expect. Here are the defining characteristics of dishes made with squab, Rock Cornish and poussin poultry.

The Bravo Before The Encore: How To Keep A Client Coming Back Through Thanks

Cultivating a relationship with clients is similar to cultivating relationships with friends and family. You must express interest in what they do, and you must offer them some value. Along with offering value and similar interests, you should always provide a professional presentation to clients. This includes sending thank you letters and thank you baskets to clients after a meeting or project. Showing appreciation to a client is one of the best ways to express the value that you see in them.